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Capsule Wardrobe

All around the world, there are many problems going on with anything and everything. Every possible business is suffering. In such a pandemic situation, the fashion industry and fashionistas are victims too. All due to COVID-19

People want to buy things but can’t, and if by any means they are successful in buying things,  questions arise with it.

What trends to buy when we don’t know when and where they’ll come in use?
What if they go out of style while being in the closet?

The above questions have one answer and that is A CAPSULE WARDROBE.

What is a capsule wardrobe and how will it help?

— A capsule wardrobe usually consists of 24 items which can be mixed and matched to create a wide variety of outfits.

In simpler words buying trendy clothes and accessories, which are flexible enough to pair with more than one thing and make a variety of outfits is a Capsule wardrobe.

Example 4 pair of clothes turned into 7 to 8 outfits.

There are many benefits to this idea.
-You can look fabulous all the time.
-Its trend expiry is quite decent.
-It’s easy on your pockets.

Let’s start with


As the 70s are back, really large and colourful sunglasses are so in.


There are many pictures on Instagram and Pinterest which stand out  like the pearl clips, 90s hair clips and twistbands.
So they are the must-haves.


Chained jewellery, colourful jewellery, big hoops and of course pearls.


First thing first let’s talk about the type. For 2020, buy a voluminous dress, drape dress, slip dress and boho midi dress.

Furthermore, the prints which are trending right now are floral, polka dot, romantic prints, neutrals and sequin.

When I talk about trends, you cannot forget statement sleeves. They are dramatic and give a necessary oomph to your tops and dresses.

Try to buy tops with the 70s inspired statements sleeves,turtleneck,bralets and spaghetti strap top. The lingerie look is also big in 2020.

Skirts, Shorts, Pants and Jeans
Every year there are some things which are a big no-no and this season has its own share.
Crop jeans, tapered jeans are out and extra-long, high waist is the look.

Straight leg pants, wide-leg pants, cargo pants, and retro-inspired pants should be in your closet. Same goes for jeans.

Cycling shorts are 2019 talk now, 2020 is all about the shorter the better. Denim shorts are fashionable and look great with 2020 top trends.

My personal favourite bottom for 2020 are skirts. This season you need a skirt with every length. The mini, midi and long.
The mini denim skirt, the long boho skirt, the pencil skirt and any skirt with side split will shine in 2020.

P.S. You can always make a slit in your skirts.

Co-ords, Rompers and Jumpsuit
Matching sets and power suits are every fashionista’s favourite. You can try the boiler suits too this year.

Shoes and Bags

You need to choose between the thong sandals, naked sandals, square toe sandals and retro sneakers. They are hit this season.

Being a fashionista who is obsessed with bags. I am carrying Raffia bags, mini and micro bags with chains, Super bags and 70s satchel bags.

This is all you need for 2020 to look like a dream and a head-turner in any room. If you want to find out how to style all the great things, follow me on Instagram @stylespringroll

Let me know how this blog held and what is on your shopping list now.

Ayushi Sharma

Fashion Blogger


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  1. Jaiya

    Your blog is so helpful and the introduction is so relatable. Please write a blog about styling spring clothing too. It is the best blog with best pictures on this website.

  2. harsh

    I have seen so many fashion bloggers but you always stay on the top of the lost. You really have a great choice and the things you explained here are commendable❤❤❤??

  3. Siya gupta

    Heyy, this blog is so amazing Ayushi! And definitely now going for a slit in my skirts and boiler suits too! ??

  4. riya sharma

    Loving this blog so much! Specially that 70s inspired statements sleeves idea, that is so in trend! Thank you so much! ??

  5. Vidhi choudhary

    First of all i have never seen so hard working and determined blogger like you, you are so good in your work! And this blog is so helpful , loving it so much! I am going to try every outfit and will surely buy that beautiful Raffia bags!??

  6. Abhishek bansal

    It can be difficult to articulate the power of style and fashion through words but you have described it so well


    This was very helpful as I am also so much into fashion and always into buying clothes.
    Great choice @stylespringroll

  8. Mitesh Punjabi

    So so amazing. You have written it so well. Now i know what should i gift to my girlfriend because i was always confused what and what not to give when it comes to clothing.
    So so proud of you❤️❤️
    Keep shining ❤️

  9. Kabir singh

    I am so thankful to you Ayushi Sharma, you are the best blogger I have ever met! You are so amazing and your style is so unique, lots of love to you!♥️♥️???

  10. Niana kapoorr

    Oh my god, this blog is like a sunshine on a rainy day! I was thinking about what to buy next and was so confused. Thank you so much! You are the best!?♥️??✨

  11. Kiara Gaur

    You always give lovely fashion advices….I’m gonna try all this for sure and this is now in my shopping wishlist…. Thanks gorgeous for this beautiful blog and all the styling tips ♥♥

  12. Rahul Chaman

    Me and my boyfriend loves your content and my boyfriend always buys so many things from your recommendation for us and we both read this blog together and it’s fabulous

  13. Deepika sharma

    Omg this is amazing, you have explained it so well and as always i love your content, as it way different form others and you recommend easily accessible and available things?? lots of love keep shining ??

  14. Aniket J

    So nicely written and i was planning to gift something to my wife from past some months and i finally got some good ideas. Amazing blog.

  15. Shaurya

    This is such a wonderful blog. You really have a very good choice and also one can easily understand all the things you have mentioned. I must say you are really ver amazing and talented ❤️❤️❤️❤️???

  16. Divyanshi Awasthi

    I have been following this blogger from past some months and i have loved her content and actually bought some of the clothes and lipsticks?❤️ I was so excited for this blog and i loved it so much.

  17. Sonal Abhishek

    This blog was so much fun to read and learn from and it was so realistic and with good fashion advices that people can actually try in their life.

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