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It’s time to get your glow on!

Some days we crave for more of my skin but with better luminosity look. This feeling is highly common and can be subsided with the help of a highlighter. Don’t worry this doesn’t mean you have to roll around in glitter to achieve that look as you can easily get it by using a highlighter stick. Highlighters in makeup do not get the glory as compared to mascaras and aren’t flashy at all like bright lipsticks or bright eyeliners, they sculpt your face in a beautifying way giving it a new dimension. This guide will answer all your how and where to apply questions.

Different types of highlighters for face.

We’re going to give you just a quick review of the different types of highlighters present in the market for you to get an innate idea for strobing.

  • Hola Shimmer!

Shimmer highlighters contain pearlized pigments in them which will even out your complexion and give you a more illuminated look you want. This face shiner cream will accentuate your natural glow and make you look radiant.

  • Welcome luminous!

Didn’t you notice the glow on your face when you come home after a great running session? Well, luminous highlighters will help you achieve just that without breaking a sweat. This highlighter stick contains a dewy formula that will give your skin a just-washed look so that your skin gleams the most.

  • Glitter everywhere!

If you are a glitter everywhere kind of girl then this is the best highlighter for face for you. These highlighters are festive and flattering and can make you shine at a party. These glittery formulations blend like a dream and do not leave a greasy finish.

Which highlighters to use?

We are pretty sure you are googling highlighter makeup prices and the best highlighter to use right now. Firstly, face highlighter price largely depends on the brand you want to use. This doesn’t mean that low prices brands are no good. You can go for brands like L’oreal, Lakme, Wet and wild to amplify the natural contours of your face. These brands have a good collection of different types of highlighters which will add dimension to your face.

If you are worried about the budget then you can search for Lakme highlighter price or any other brand’s price which fits your price range. You can also search for other brands like Becca highlighter, Sivanna highlighter, and other types of liquid highlighters to find the best one which suits your skin and your price range.

How to apply makeup highlighter?

Follow this step by step guide on the technique for applying a makeup highlighter and get your glow on!

  1. Start with a primer: you need to build up from base before strobing to have that luminous look. Smooth your skin with a primer which will give you a subtle glow and make your makeup last the entire day.
  2. Apply foundation: opt for a foundation with a radiant finish to create a lustrous look. Use a foundation blender to blend it effortlessly.
  3. Contour your face and add blush: if you plan to use a setting powder then use it now or you can also opt for a contour shaping stick. Select a tone 2 shades darker than your skin and buff the contour color with the utmost ease. Top it off with a creamy blush.
  4. Highlight: it’s time to glow! Use a highlighter stick or your liquid highlighter and dot it above your cheekbones, bridge of your nose, and above cupid’s bow. Add a little at the corner of your eyes to shine bright.
  5. Set it with a spray: the final step is to set your makeup with a setting spray and you are good to go.

Buying good quality and best highlighter for face plays a pivotal role in your overall look. Gleam like a celebrity with a highlighter and add a perfect oomph to your cheekbones!

Aastha Jain

Content Writer


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