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        Metaphors is how we talk these days, don’t we ? The first encounter of ours with the color brown is the sweetest memory because it was when we were introduced to CHOCOLATE! Were we told back then how brown is not necessarily a color for bold ? Obviously not. You see mind games are played after a certain age when we know we are living in a conditioned society. Beauty according to oxford is “the quality of being pleasing to the senses or to the mind” does it anywhere mention color of the skin ? But there’s always a but isn’t it ? The but here is our dark and deep-rooted custom conditioning us on how to define beauty. “ you are pretty for an indian skin tone” , “ you’d look lovely if you had just a lighter tone” , “ don’t were bright colors it will make you look darker “ these are just a few absurd “compliments” I have heard I am sure there are plenty you have heard or maybe said. Tracing back from our ancestors to now our nosy aunts, these so called compliments have caused more damage to our bodies than the harmful UV rays of sun.

The stigma is so grave that even the adjectives we use are now based on skin color. Why can only fair be lovely ? And how can dark be only bold ? But oh that’s just for you girl because TALL, DARK AND HANDSOME is how men roll!


We are so accustomed to agree what is accepted in the society that now it is a color conundrum. From showing a single model in an ad for foundation now you have multiple models to tell how each color is beautiful. Media has changed its game for their good but have we changed our mindset for our good ?  the mind game we have been exposed to has made the beauty industry worth millions for all we want is that one dream cream which will eventually if not instantly make us look fair. The yellow paste with haldi, milk and malai in it is known not for its antibacterial effects but because we can accept yellow but not brown as our color. The color consciousness is taking over our conscience for it is more important to be fair on the outside than being fair from the inside. Decades passed , words written, poems recited and revolution has begun but to change that little infected brain of ours will take more than  the yellow paste even if its eaten. 


So the next time you want to buy a bleach for your skin ask your AUNT, if its what you’d like me to do or is it what you have been taught for beauty also comes with a cost or The next time you feel pulled apart for the shade of your skin ask yourself if your virtue is so thin or the next time someone ask’s you if this is the skin color tell them how its any color you want it to be. Do you care being a RASGULLA or a GULAB JAMUN anymore ? Or do you need  SUGAR a little more ?

Mahek Chawla

Content Writer


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